The national humiliations continued on the first day of the government of the pawn Kovacevski as if led by Zoran Zaev, reacted VMRO-DPMNE.

So both Maricic and Kovacevski dissociate themselves from the Macedonians in Bulgaria and say that they will not interfere in the minority rights in Bulgaria, while at the same time allowing official Sofia to dictate a change in the Macedonian Constitution and the inclusion of Bulgarians in its preamble.

Where are Maricic and Kovacevski following the same principles to demand reciprocity and to tell official Sofia not to interfere in the internal affairs of Macedonia? On the contrary, they are silent and submissive worshipers, and they trample and insult their people continuously, said the opposition party, adding that the Zaevism threatens the Macedonian national and state interests, and that is why it must be defeated in elections as soon as possible.