VMRO-DPMNE revealed additional evidence today indicating that a contract worth hundreds of thousands of euros was rigged. The contract for reconstruction of water lines in Skopje was awarded by Mayor Petre Silegov and the water utility company manager Dusko Veskovski, to the KBK and Koding 2 companies which are close to the ruling SDSM party.

VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimitar Arsovski presented a document from the city archives showing that the Vodovod utility company was conducting oversight on the work done by the Koding 2 company in July 2020, months before the contract was formally awarded.

You can’t expect stronger proof that the contract was already implemented in July, even though the bidding procedure was held in September and the contract was awarded in October. How was it that precisely these two companies, who were already working on the contract in July, made the lowest bid and won the contract in October?, Arsovski said.