The investigation into the biggest criminal affair in Macedonian history, the Racket affair, has turned into a farce and a theater that distracts the Macedonian public. Prosecutors like many times instead of defending the rule of law and the legal state, they are defending the mafia and the criminals, says VMRO-DPMNE.

Zoran Zaev abolished the rule of law and established a totalitarian criminal regime. Yesterday’s Janeva testimony is evidence that the million-dollar crime investigation into the Racket case has been compromised. Zaev, Ruskovska and Janeva once again underestimated the intelligence of the citizens. Janeva testified as a witness in the presence of a lawyer, a lawyer who simultaneously represents one of the targets in SPO’s “Empire” case. This is an insult to every honest citizen who expects justice in Macedonia and who wants to see our country as a success story, reads the party statement and adds:

It is obvious that Janeva does not want to cooperate with the prosecution. It is obvious that she defends the head of the criminal octopus, the pardoned criminal Zoran Zaev. The judiciary must get rid of the repressions of the government, it must ignore the pressures of Zoran Zaev, because otherwise, it becomes an accomplice in the biggest criminal affair in the modern history of Macedonia. The investigation must be expanded and all the octopus tentacles, such as Kiki, Friki and Sheki, that lead straight to the head, Zoran Zaev must be found!

Macedonian citizens, according to the party, are victims of a criminal gang headed by the pardoned Zaev, a gang that will be defeated in the next parliamentary elections.

When Zoran Zaev leaves then all those who have broken the law will be held accountable, but also those who instead of prosecuting them have defended the crime.