VMRO-DPMNE reacted Tuesday that 1/3 of those tested in the past 24 hours tested positive for Covid-19, and that, according to the party, means that every 3 person had contracted the virus.

Filipce completely failed. The chaos we live in is a result of the incompetence and disinterest of Venko Filipce. He sleet through the summer, did not build any new hospital facilities, did not increase medical staff, nor did he obtained a seasonal flu vaccine, reads the party’s press release.

The party’s added that the autumn corona wave caught Filipce completely unprepared, although he himself claimed that the virus would be stronger in the autumn, and yet he did nothing. Poor management of the system has contributed to Macedonia being one of the top countries in Europe in terms of infections per million inhabitants, but also deaths. This is unfortunate and tragic.

All that Filipce did was point the finger of blame at the citizens, it added.

Citizens are now to blame for his incompetence. Filipce, the citizens are not to blame. Take responsibility and resign immediately, the party said.