VMRO-DPMNE has not received an invitation from the Government to have representatives in the working groups with Bulgaria, and if it receives an invitation, the opposition party will not participate because that would be a decoration of the government and would give legitimacy to their wrong functioning, said party spokesman Dimce Arsovski.

Answering a reporter’s question at a press conference, he added that the Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs is the place where the government should participate and answer their questions.

We persistently invite them to come and answer questions and seek answers to those questions. Minister Bujar Osmani persistently runs away to give answers and does not participate in the Committee. Previously the same was the case with Nikola Dimitrov, and now it is with Bujar Osmani. So, here is a public call for Bujar Osmani to take part in that Committee on Foreign Affairs in the Parliament on the initiative of our fellow party member Antonijo Milososki and to answer all the questions asked by the public, citizens, opposition and all other stakeholders in the Republic of Macedonia, said Arsovski.