Macedonia experienced a total debacle and permanent disruption of the negotiating positions with Bulgaria due to the non-national and incompetent government led by SDSM and DUI, reacted VMRO-DPMNE.

The government of SDSM and DUI to sexplain what kind of hybrid attack they are accusing of and why it was not prevented. Is Kovacevski’s government defocusing from responsibility for selling state interests? What exactly do Osmani and Maricic mean by a hybrid attack in the country? If there really was an attack on the state, as Osmani says, there must be responsibility, because it was not prevented in time and the state was attacked. While the experts and the citizens are to blame according to Dimitar Kovacevski for the total failure in the negotiations and the failure in the sale of the state interests, Bujar Osmani and Bojan Maricic are to blame for the hybrid attack on the state.

The biggest hybrid attack that is happening to the country is exactly the government of SDSM and DUI, led by Kovacevski. Yesterday, both Osmani and Maricic publicly admitted that they had lied to the entire Macedonian public for days, that they had not seen and considered the French proposal. Exactly yesterday, what we have been emphasizing for days came to light, that Kovacevski, Osmani and Maricic negotiated and agreed, for more than 6 months, this harmful proposal for Macedonia, which they finally accepted, to later withdraw after the pressure of VMRO -DPMNE and the citizens, said the opposition party, calling for responsibility over the permanent damage caused in the negotiation process and holding early parliamentary elections.