The government wants to sell the property of the state-owned Slavija company, worth over 20 million euros, for 200 thousand euros to people close to the Zaev family.

The property of the Slavija company, only whose administrative building and land under and around the building is worth over 10 million euros, the government wants to sell for 200,000 euros, according to VMRO-DPMNE.

Slavija, in addition to the administrative building, has a number of other facilities on attractive locations. The sale of Slavija for 200,000 euros is a robbery of the people. The government’s excuse that it is a sale of shares does not hold water. Because the total number of shares is sold for 200,000 euros, and by owning the shares, the entire property is owned, the value of which is one hundred times greater than the amount for which the government wants to sell the company with all its property, said the opposition party.