SDSM and Kovacevski will be dramatically defeated, they hired party police paid with state money to beat people who don’t like Kovacevski. And while they surrounded Meckin Kamen with police and party thugs, they prevented thousands of citizens from attending the celebration, said VMRO-DPMNE.

The party added that Kovacevski did not allow the people to attend the Meckin Kamen celebration, because he is afraid of them, and he even brought party activists with buses so that he would not be alone on Ilinden when he restricted access to the people.

Kovacevski ran away from the people on Meckin Kamen just as he runs away from a referendum and elections. There will be responsibility for Kovacevski’s beaters, who beat people of Meckin Kamen, but there will also be responsibility for Kovacevski himself because he, together with Pendarovski, is the main organizer of the betrayals, said the opposition party.