Is there or not an investigation over allegations that media owners together with SDSM senior officials are racketeering firms and businessmen across Macedonia !? Zaev and the Public Prosecutor’s Office – must answer who is lying who and who is hiding who in this case ?, VMRO-DPMNE asked Friday after Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that an investigation is being conducted, but later the BPPO claimed that there was no such case.

If there is an investigation where did Zaev get the information, if there is not what the Public Prosecutor’s Office is waiting for? If the allegations of the Public Prosecution are correct that there is no investigation, then its actions are turned into a comedy, VMRO-DPMNE members are being prosecuted, while an investigation against SDSM official cannot be opened. If it was not tragic, it would have been ridiculous! The whole country is talking about the racketeering that several party officials of SDSM do with a media owner, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office says there is still no investigation. Who and why is the Public Prosecutor’s Office waiting for and why there is no investigation into the racketeering, which the media write about for days, what should happen to have an investigation?, asks VMRO – DPMNE.

The double standards, the opposition party says, are merely an indicator that there is no rule of law, but that politics decides in Macedonia.

Lawlessness and impunity must come to an end. Everyone will be held accountable, VMRO – DPMNE says.