Without any shame, the government led by SDSM and Zoran Zaev boasts that they implement justice and discipline, when it does not apply to all citizens, ie it does not apply to government officials and their relatives, VMRO-DPMNE said on Monday.

This criminal government brags about the demolition of the illegal building near Mavrovka, and namely they themselves allowed it to be built there.

If justice applies to everyone as they say, why not demolish other illegal buildings across the country. Why does the SDSM government not demolish the illegal construction of the illegal platform on Matka, the illegal construction near Skopsko Kale near the Ilinden barracks and the illegal construction of Nefi and the summer terrace near the Ohrid Cinar Tree?

Ljupco Nikolovski, who is in charge of fighting crime and corruption, is obviously not doing his job because the first person to be held accountable for crime and corruption is his boss Zoran Zaev, the party said.