The leader of VMRO-DPMNE announced that they will hand over the documents from the cases in relation to the procurement of firefighting ladder truck by the City of Skopje and the procurement of Chinese vaccines through an intermediary company from Hong Kong.

However, he notes that they have no expectations that any action will be taken.

No, we do not expect anything. Maybe one day when other values will be appreciated in the judiciary and the prosecution, says Mickoski.

VMRO-DPMNE presented a document today proving that the Healthcare Ministry made a payment of 7.8 million USD to a shell company registered in American Samoa, ostensibly for purchasing Sinopharm vaccines from China.

The procurement of the firefighting ladder truck by the Mayor of Skopje Petre Silegov is also scandalous. Silegov paid twice what the city of Zagreb paid for the same piece of equipment.

The question is where did the money go in the procurement between the Armor company close to Silegov’s secretary and the Hungarian vendor?

Maybe the Prosecution and the Anti-Corruption Commission will provide answers.