VMRO-DPMNE issued a statement alleging that Trajce Zaev has left the country and is currently in Dubai, after his personal driver Aleksandar Usilkovski was arrested while escorting a shipment of marijuana produced at a farm owned by the Zaev family. 

Uslikovski was detained on Friday, along with the commissioner of the Prilep police Kiril Spirkoski, who was directly appointed to this position by Minister Spasovski, were forward drivers in the transport of drugs originating from the Zaev family’s favorite business – the marijuana farms. The shipment originates from the Medical 420 farm in Bitola, linked directly to the Zaev family. The Zaev cousins need to answer question to the public, including whether Trajce Zaev is still in Macedonia or has he fled to Dubai?, VMRO-DPMNE said in its statement.

Trajce Zaev is seen as one of the three top men in the Zaev clan, along with the Prime Minister and his brother Vice Zaev. While Zoran Zaev holds the executive, Trajce and Vice grew the family businesses and expanded strongly into marijuana production, which is now semi-legal in Macedonia.