Venko Filipce and the Commission for Infectious Diseases should immediately adopt measures to prevent the spread of the new Delta strain of the coronavirus.The country must not allow a repeat of the situation with the second and third wave, where there were thousands of infected citizens a day and dozens of deaths due to the incompetence of Venko Filipce, said VMRO-DPMNE on Wednesday.

In order to prevent another big Covid-19 wave, it is necessary to take urgent measures, and not everyday empty phrases from the most incompetent Minister Filipce. The authorities should take measures as soon as possible so that the virus can be isolated and blocked from the very beginning in order to prevent another big wave and a large number of new infections, and thus overwhelm the healthcare system again. The Commission for Infectious Diseases should immediately introduce rapid testing upon entry into Macedonia of all people coming from risk areas and introduce mandatory home isolation of these people. There’s nothing of the long-awaited mass vaccination. For months, the incompetent Filipce has been bragging about buying vaccines, but all we have seen from the promised mass immunization is only vaccines from donations, one-week interrupted vaccination and many citizens going to neighboring countries to get a jab. Accelerated vaccine rollout in Macedonia and a systemic plan to encourage vaccination of citizens is needed, said the party.