VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Vladimir Misajlovski called on the other parties and the Parliament leaders to convene a session and discuss extending the state of energy crisis for an additional month. This condition, that has been used to cover the losses of the state owned energy companies as domestic electricity production collapsed due to corruption and mismanagement, expires in a week.

It is evident that the energy crisis will last for more than a month, and the formal state of crisis needs to be extended. Citizens must not be left in uncertainty as they question who has majority in Parliament. We will provide the necessary quorum in Parliament for this vote, provided that 250 million EUR are set aside to subsidize electricity bills and that all municipalities are given funds to cover their rising costs. The Government failed in tackling the crisis and we believe that the situation is very serious, Misajlovski said.

Macedonia is reduced to costly imports for most of its electricity needs. The Government is preparing requests to the Energy Regulatory Commission for a major new price increase that is expected to enter into force early next year.