Filipce and Zaev lie to the citizens every day about the date of arrival of the vaccines. While Filipce and Zaev are bidding on dates, the countries in the region have started mass vaccination of citizens since December, reads the reaction of VMRO-DPMNE, regarding the statement of Zoran Zaev in relation to the vaccines.

Compared to Serbia, so far it has procured about two million vaccines, 1,500,000 doses from “Sinofarm”, about 250,000 from “Sputnik”, 220,000  from “Pfizer” and about 150,000 vaccines from “AstraZeneca”. Compared to Montenegro, it has so far procured about 37,000 doses of vaccines. Montenegro has about 30,000 doses from “Sinofarm”, and received a donation from Serbia of about 2,000 “Sputnik” vaccines. Compared to Albania, it has so far procured about 33,000 doses of vaccines, all from “Pfizer”. Compared to Bosnia and Herzegovina, it has 32,000 vaccines so far. 22,000 doses are from “Sputnik”, and 10,000 from “AstraZeneca” as a donation from Serbia. And, unfortunately, Macedonia has only about 8,000 vaccines as a donation from Serbia. With this, Macedonia is at the bottom in the region in terms of procurement of vaccines and vaccination. The citizens no longer trust Zaev and Filipce. There must be responsibility for the promised vaccines that still haven’t arrived, says VMRO-DPMNE.