Zaev today showed all his political madness. In the midst of an epidemic in Stip, even those infected with the coronavirus were brought to the polling stations because of power and position, which directly endangers the lives of hundreds of people involved in the election process, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Sunday.

This is not just a violation of the law, but a desire for power. With all means, pressure, bribery, threats and blackmail, people were forced to vote amid the outbreak just for a office of several months. The worst thing is that the political madness of Zaev creates a new cluster “elections in Stip”, whose price is the health and lives of the citizens of Stip. Equally responsible for this is the candidate Nikolov, who after all this the citizens will not remember as a doctor, but as a politician. He fought for a position, trampling upon the doctor’s ethics, the lives of the citizens of Stip with pressures, bribes and threats, said the party.

The party adds that Zaev, Nikolov and SDSM are to blame for all deaths and infections in Stip after Sunday’s elections.