Zoran Zaev is in charge of the SDSM criminal racketeering gang. Fake news, manipulation and ridiculous excuses cannot suppress the truth about “Racket”, which is that Janeva and Kiceec have extorted money from about 10 Macedonian businessmen in amounts exceeding 20m euros. They were under the protection and in contact with Zoran Zaev and the SDSM government, VMRO-DPMNE said Saturday in a press release.

The closeness between Zoran Zaev, Katica Janeva and the other actors in the case is clear. The Macedonian public is informed about the secret meetings of Zoran Zaev with Katica Janeva. The Macedonian public is informed about the secret meetings of Vice Zaev with Zoran Milevski Kiceec. The Macedonian public is also informed about the meetings of Kiceec with Zoran Zaev, and we all remember the photos of Bojan Jovanovski in the Prime Minister’s Office. We learned from the conversations that leaked to the public that Zoran Zaev was informed about the illegal activities of the International Association that worked with local businessmen in the country. The judiciary is under the full control of Zoran Zaev and it is for this reason that no one in the country dared to summon Zoran Zaev to give a statement about what happened with the racketeering, the party said.

The party adds that the outline of the octopus is visible, and we all know that the head of the octopus is Zoran Zaev. The truth about “Racket” will be found out, and then all those who have broken the law will be held accountable, as well as those who have put themselves in the protection of crime.