There is no doubt that Zoran Zaev is the head of the criminal octopus and the person who concentrated control over the Macedonian judiciary, said the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party following thep publication of an audio recording in which Zaev is heard saying that he controls the Supreme Court.

Zaev was both a Prime Minister, a prosecutor and a Supreme Court judge who decided on who gets charged, which trial goes where and who goes to prison. For three years political persecution was conducted under orders of Zoran Zaev. People were arrested in early morning raids in front of their families. Politicians, members of Parliament and businessmen were extorted on the orders of one man – Zoran Zaev, who led a racketeering gang that is plundering Macedonia for three years. It’s now clear why Zaev was released from charges in the bribery case in which the entire country saw him take 200.000 EUR in bribes. It’s clear why those who resisted this gang were sentenced in expedited trials, while those who joined Zaev’s criminal enterprise were released from all charges, or at the very least see their trial hearings postponed endlessly, VMRO-DPMNE said in its press release.

The opposition party called on the public to put an end to this abuse of the Macedonian judiciary on April 12, voting Zaev’s SDSM party out of office.