The journalists who wrote about Zoran Zaev’s scandalous crimes and the cartel around him are not vain. They are the voice of the citizens and must not succumb to the pressures and threats of the pardoned criminal. Censorship is a shame for any country, VMRO DPMNE reacts.

According to VMRO-DPMNE, it is already clear that a totalitarian criminal regime rules in Macedonia.

Sweden confirmed that Zaev is conducting political persecution in Macedonia and that the April 27 case is another Zoran Zaev political court order. Sweden refuses to extradite one of the defendants in the April 27 case on the grounds that the act has no elements of terrorism and that political persecution is being conducted in our country! This makes Macedonia the only state in a democratic Europe in which there are still political prisoners in the 21st century, who lie in prisons only because of different political views than those of the government. A senior official of the current government confirmed yesterday that Zoran Zaev is influencing the Macedonian judiciary. He acknowledged that he interfered in the justice system and sought ways to bring all judges under his control. The mayor of Saraj, Blerim Bexheti openly pointed out that the judiciary is under Zaev’s control. No one in the Republic of Macedonia believes that Zoran Zaev, a man who has been pardoned three times for crime, is not at the helm of the criminal octopus who has spread his tentacles in every pore of the Macedonian society. The Macedonian public heard from La Verita recordings about the abuse of justice. The public heard Janeva abusing her position for millions. The public heard how Boki Tredici played this game for Zoran Zaev. Zoran Zaev abolished the rule of law in Macedonia, buried law and justice, and without this basic postulate of democracy, our country cannot obtain a date for negotiations with the European Union. The pardoned Zaev and his criminal gang are most responsible for the slowdown in Macedonia’s EU integration. There must be accountability for this. Anyone who has broken the law will be held accountable when this man leaves politics. Then all those who defended his crime and those who carried out political persecution on his behalf will be held accountable, VMRO DPMNE said.