VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimitar Arsovski drew the attention to the major procurement contract which Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce signed with two companies for sterilization of medical equipment.

The task is being separated from the publicly owned healthcare providers, and centralized, creating a major procurement deal worth millions of euros which went to two companies – E vita from Albania and Steri Med from Italy. Arsovski today informed that both companies are tied to a single Albanian businessman named Ilir Rrapaj.

The entire country knew which Albania based companies will win the deal even before the contract was opened for bidding. Minister Filipce needs to explain the ties between him, people in Zaev’s Government and this disgraced businessman, Arsovski said.

Albanian media are reporting that Rrapaj is close to Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, which got him similar overblown contracts in the Albanian healthcare, where he is known for overcharging and failing to provide the necessary quality of service.

Rrapaj’s companies are under investigation in Albania after eroding the services they were providing. Every day reports appear about the bad experience with his companies. We mustn’t allow a nation wide monopoly in this healthcare service. It will only hurt the citizens. Filipce must resign and lift his criminal paws off our healthcare, Arsovski warned.