According to VMRO-DPMNE, the very idea that Zoran Zaev can initiate a purge of his corrupt Government officials is missing the point, as Zaev himself is the head of the corrupt institution.

With their votes, the citizens told Zaev that he needs to go, and take his criminal administration with him. Zaev was defeated in more than half of the municipalities across Macedonia. He is correct in dismissing the heads of the SDSM municipal organizations, who were silently approving of his crime in hope they will be clued in in some smaller business deal. But the bulk of the responsibility lies with Zaev and his top associates, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski.

He went on to list the crimes and failures of Zaev’s top ministers, such as the abuse of the judiciary and the penal system by Justice Minister Renata Deskoska and the 3.000 nepotistic hirings of party loyalists in the public administration, overseen by Minister Damjan Mancevski. Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski used police for persecution of the opposition and murders spiraled out of control under his reign, while Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce is named in numerous corrupt procurement scandals and had the measles outbreak sweep the country. Welfare Minister Mila Carovski attempetd to conceal how her unwed husband is receiving public contracts and is trying to conceal the allegations she herself raised about corruption on the part of DUI party officials in the public PIOM retirement fund.

Zaev himself needs to take responsibility for the failure of the EU integration process, and his lie that Macedonia received a “crystal clear recommendation to open accession talks in June 2019”. It is clear that Zaev will never stop with his lies and the degradation of the Republic of Macedonia, which he wants to turn into his own private fief. Zaev, you can run but your fall is inevitable. The longer you protract it, the worse it will be, Stoilkovski called on the SDSM leader.