The latest report from Reporters Without Borders proves that the Zaev regime is violating freedom of expression and pressuring the media, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party said in a press release. The brief report found that Government officials are threatening and insulting media outlets, in a general climate of impunity, and that Macedonia remains low ranked – 90th in the world – in terms of press freedom.

It is not possible to publish an investigative report about a Government scandal without the journalist or the outlet being subjected to attacks by partisan bots on the social media, or without receiving threats for his life or for his family. There are indications that these attacks are paid for with public funds and that the perpetrators are employed directly by the Government. The Government also initiates criminal cases against investigative journalists and drags them to court, as in the cases of the editors of Infomax and Lider, who were charged and prosecuted simply for reporting on the Government scandals, VMRO said in its press release.