VMRO-DPMNE members of Parliament began their announced series of meetings with citizens from smaller towns and villages across the country. Aleksandar Veljanovski was in the villages of Jegunovce, Preljubista and Podbregje, near Tetovo, where the citizens cited problems with unregulated dumping sites and poor infrastructure.

The main problem in the area is the closure of the major Jugohrom smelting plant which provided jobs for the entire region. It was closed in late 2016, under pressure from local Albanians who cited pollution.

The village is completely neglected and forgotten by both the local and central Government, the villagers said.

VMRO representatives from Prilep Ana Laskoska and Petar Risteski visited the villages of Erekovci, Kanatlarci, Selce and Topolcani, where the villagers were badly hit by dropping tobacco prices, which are the main source of income. They also protested the on-going national humiliations and redefining of Macedonian identity, orchestrated by the Zaev regime.

If things continue this way, Macedonia will not have a bright future, they said during the meetings.

And in Skopje, the party Vice President Vladimir Misajlovski, along with Bojan Stojanoski, Dafina Stojanoska, Marija Andonovska visited the large village of Volkovo.

The people here are utterly revolted and humiliated by the Zaev led Government. The people of Gjorce Petrov are eager for change, Misajlovski said.