VMRO-DPMNE submitted a proposal to the Parliament that it votes to dissolve on February 12, so that the elections can take place on April 12, as planned. The proposal comes after SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev again raised the prospect of postponing the elections.

We see that Zaev is coming up with new conditions and wants to avoid the elections. SDSM damaged Macedonian national interests over the past three years and harms the daily life of our citizens. Macedonia has never been more divided. We are a humiliated country, forced to accept undignified proposals and and suffer from an epidemic of emigration, poor education and healthcare, endangered environment and violations of the Constitution. The citizens need to vote on April 12 and decide which way we go next, said Nikola Micevski from VMRO-DPMNE, while proposing the motion.

Earlier Speaker Talat Xhaferi also rejected the idea that the Parliament is dissolved after February 12.

The Alliance of Albanians came out in support of the VMRO proposal and that the mutually agreed election date should be honored.

If we continue to act with lack of seriousness, AA will consider whether to attend future meetings of party leaders. We all agreed that the elections are held on April 12, and we see no reason why that shouldn’t happen, said Surija Rushiti.

Betijan Kitev from SDSM insisted that his party is not walking out on the deal but said that there are other considerations, and that the law on sate prosecutors should be adopted in Parliament. That is the latest excuse Zaev evokes why the elections should not take place.