VMRO-DPMNE official Orce Georgievski informs that the Interior Ministry has created a special unit whose task appears to be to intimidate journalists. Following the raid against the Netpress news site today, which reported on the major M-NAV corruption scandal that involves Zaev’s Government, Georgievski sent out a series of questions at the Interior Ministry.

Chief among the questions is whether the Ministry has hired former cameraman of the Telma TV station Zarko Pacemski, who is an outspoken SDSM activist and supporter, in the Interior Ministry, and has tasked him to coordinate the campaign of pressure against the media.

This team is guided by a former cameraman who is supposedly delivering the indecent proposals to the press. How was this person hired in the Interior Ministry? Is it through a back door, as a logistics specialist, only to have him promoted to a trainee-inspector for financial crimes? What experience does Pacemski have to hold this position, Georgievski asked today before adding that “Netpress and all the other media outlets have our support and the citizens have the right to know the truth”.

The news of the police raid in the Netpress news site came as journalists were protesting in support of Aleksandar Mitovski, editor of the Infomax news site, who is facing criminal charges, also for the “crime” of reporting serious corruption allegations against Zoran Zaev’s Government.