VMRO-DPMNE blames the SDSM party of attempting to create “a new Katica Janeva”, with the illegal way in which the ruling party is attempting to abolish the Special Prosecutor’s Office in favor of the OJO/PPO office of state prosecutors.

Zoran Zaev is using political gymnastics to influence the judiciary. He is undermining the rulie of law and is creating a new Katica Janeva, with the goal of carrying on with his campaign of political persecution, staged trials against political opponents and the extortion in their Louis Vuitton bags, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimitar Arsovski.

Arsovski detailed the articles of the law which does not provide for an option to return the cases given to SPO to other prosecutors, “especially not on orders from a prosecutor who is in detention, and who sends out notes half written on hand, half typed out, unstamped and with unverified signature”.

– The law provides that a prosecutor who is detained is removed from office for the duration of the investigation, Arsovski added, citing the clause which many legal experts have raised as an obstacle to Janeva’s order that her case files should be given to the OJO prosecutors – a move clearly coordinated with the Government.

The public was able to clearly see how Janeva’s crimes are done in coordination with the entire Government and everybody knows that the head of the criminal organization is Zoran Zaev. The attempts to interfere in the judiciary in order to get to outcomes that favofr Zaev are an assault of the rule of law in the Republic of Macedonia, Arsovski added.