According to the Municipal Election Commission in the municipality of Debar, 17 % of the total number of voters cast their votes until 15 h, which is 13% less than in the first round of presidential elections.

3,065 people cast their votes until 15 h. Voting in all 27 polling stations is running smoothly, there are no objections or remarks, and I hope that it will be so by the end of the voting, that is, by 19 h when the  stations will close, said Elmira Bakali, president of the MEC Debar.

In this municipality, on April 21, when, together with the first round of presidential elections, early mayoral elections took place, the voter turnout until 15 h was 30 % or 5.312 people voted.

Sunday’s election process runs smoothly in the municipality of Centar Zupa, where people vote in16 polling stations, seven in Centar Zupa, and the rest in other settlements.

According to the president of the MEC, Eran Zuber, 831 people voted until 15 h or about 12 % of the total registered, which is a higher percentage compared to the first round of voting.

On April 21, 679 people or 10 %voted in this municipality until 15 h.