Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said Monday that he was in daily contact with Macedonia and Montenegro and that Serbia is looking for ways to further assist them in vaccinating the population.

As MIA’s correspondent in Belgrade reports, Vucic said that he does not understand when someone criticizes the fact that businessmen from the region and foreign nationals come for vaccination in Serbia and that he does not care and has no problem with lack of gratitude from colleagues.

For me, it is important for people to be satisfied, to be partially protected now that they have received the first dose, and when they receive the second, they will be even better and that they will be protected from severe consequences and death, or at least in 99% of cases. That is what we can do for the people, said Vucic, answering how proud he was of media reports in the region that vaccination of people from the Western Balkans is organized in Serbia.

Vucic said he didn’t understand how someone does not understand that Serbian citizens cannot be saved if the people in the region are not.