We are marking a significant anniversary – of the agreement that secured Macedonia’s peaceful future and further democratic development with equal participation of all its ethnic communities. The agreement laid the foundations on which we, since 2017 as a newly formed government, have been building our common, one and equal society, equally including and respecting every citizen’s ethnic identity and interests, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in his address to the “After Ohrid” conference held to celebrate 20 years of the Ohrid Framework Agreement.

After Ohrid, Zaev stressed, our country is building mature policies, and instead of conflicts we are talking about economic progress in our country and the promotion of good neighborly relations, and together with our neighbors we are creating Open Balkans.

After Ohrid, all together, regardless of our ethnic, national, religious, social and cultural affiliation, we have built an equal society where everyone can find prosperity and a better future. I’m glad that after 20 years we are discussing all these benefits. One of the most important benefits is that through dialogue we organize our lives, together committed to each individual, family and citizen, said Zaev.