We have just submitted the VMRO-DPMNE candidate lists, the winning lists that will bring a huge, convincing, historic victory for the renewal of Macedonia in the April 12 elections, Igor Janusev, VMRO DPME’s secretary general said late on Thursday.

He emphasized that they are practically completing that part of the pre-campaign and in the coming days will think of alternative ways of staying in direct contact with citizens while respecting the recommendations and measures of the World Health Organization in the light of the current situation with the coronavirus.

Asked how they will run the campaign, whether through social media and online media or through meetings with citizens, Janusev said:

As I said, we are looking for alternative ways of staying in direct contact with the citizens, of course putting the health and life of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia in the first place and everything will go in that direction of the campaign. So far, the measures and bans we have with regard to rallies up to 24, that is actually the second part, the official part of the campaign. We will see how the whole situation unfolds in terms of deciding what to do next.