Former political prisoner Bogdan Ilievski, who was charged with “terrorism” in the April 2017 trials, declared his expectation that one of the biggest trials of political opponents by the Zaev regime will fall apart soon. The comments come after Sweden refused to extradite one of the defendants charged with “terrorism”, Dejan Davidovski, citing concerns that he can’t get a fair trial in Zaev’s “North” Macedonia.

Sweden refused to extradite Dejan Davidovski. According to the Swedish court, Davidovski is prosecuted and would be tried in a political and not a criminal case, and there is no sufficient evidence that he committed a terrorist act, or that he would receive a fair trial. He was also invited to seek asylum in Sweden. As we said all along, the truth will eventually surface. Katica Tredici will confirm that (reference to the tapes about the corruption of Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva released in the Italian media), Ilievski wrote on his social media accounts.

Zaev’s other favorite prosecutor, Vilma Ruskoska, and his most loyal judge Dobrila Kacarska handed lengthy prison sentences to former Interior Minister Mitko Cavkov, the head of the leading anti-communist family Yane Cento and a dozen of other conservative activists over the storming of the Parliament on April 27th 2017, done to prevent the irregular vote to elect Talat Xhaferi as Parliament Speaker. Ilievski and other protest organizers were charged but later pardoned over the case, which the Zaev regime abused to pressure three members of Parliament to vote in favor of renaming Macedonia into “North” Macedonia.

Two other defendants, former UBK intelligence agency officers prosecuted in a case initiated by Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, received decisions by the Supreme Court of Greece that they can’t be extradited to Macedonia. This, coupled with the political asylum received by former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, adds to the number of people who went abroad to seek protection from Zaev’s persecution, and received it.