During his press conference in Vienna, before the left for Brussels, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev threatened that his Government will be dead by Wednesday unless he returns with a date to open the EU accession talks. Only hours later, in Brussels, Zaev was far more evasive and stopped short of definitely saying he will resign and call for early elections if his mission fails.

If the decision is NO this Thursday and Friday, or if there is a new delay, by Wednesday my Government will be dead. I say this openly, Zaev said in Vienna.

Zaev often threatens to resign and walks back his pledges. Within hours, in Brussels, he had a different, much softer comment when asked by the press about his Vienna threat.

In my appeal I called on the European leaders not to turn off our stars that are shining and lead us because if they do,we will be lost in the dark. In such circumstances there would definitely need to be accountability and I say what I feel. I of course announced what might happen. I don’t want to go into more details, because I very much believe in a positive decision, Zaev replied.