The investigation into the “Racket” case is a farce aimed at diverting public attention from Zoran Zaev and the government, without which the racket would not be possible at all, VMRO-DPMNE said on Thursday.

The case was reported back in April, after which there had to be media pressure for the government to decide to sacrifice two octopus tentacles, Boki 13 and Zoki Kiceec, just to protect Janeva and Zaev. Janeva was deliberately left one month after Boki 13 and Zoki Kiceec were arrested in order to have enough time to hide evidence and influence witnesses and investigations to destroy the traces leading to her to the octopus head – Zoran Zaev, the party said in a press release.

VMRO-DPMNE asks what is it that Ruskovska and Zaev do not want citizens to find out?

Is it about where the money ended up and what they were spent for?! Are they hiding that the money may have ended on Ilindenska and financed Stevo Pendarovski’s campaign !? With this way of working PPO is only further compromised. Citizens expect an effective and efficient investigation. There can be no improvisations at the expense of the rule of law. No one, not even Zaev, should be spared. The normal functioning of the state requires the fall of this government. Early parliamentary elections are needed as soon as possible, VMRO-DPMNE said.