During the economic summit in Thessaloniki, Greece, where heads of state and prime ministers from this part of the world discussed future economic, energy and political projects, our outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev was messaging with his former party fellows on Telegram and dealt with neighborhood shops. Literally, the Infomax news portal wrote.

According to the news portal, instead of discussing the country’s economic future, lobbying for energy projects, or urging opening Macedonia’s EU accession talks as soon as possible, the outgoing prime minister at last week’s Thessaloniki summit was discussing neighborhood shops where the premises of the municipal organization of SDSM are located.

As incredible as this may sound, it happened on November 14. And I talked about it yesterday on Alfa TV’s “Sto ne e jasno” show, where I showed a photo of a fragment of a conversation our Prime Minister had with businessman Kiro Tosevski, who owns and runs the shop where the SDSM MO is located in Aerodrom, writes Infomax editor Aleksandar Mitovski.

This is the same Kiro Tosevski whom Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s brother Vice Zaev told Infomax that neither he nor his brother the prime minister knew him. From the communication between Zoran and Kiro, it is clear that the two had fruitful “boat” chats on Telegram, writes the news portal.

Communication started again in 2015, well before the Colored Revolution. It was intensified when the party’s activities were supposed to be financed in terms of organizing various protests, but the chats stagnated when outgoing Prime Minister Zaev took over the government, writes Infomax.

In 2017, again, a new round of “chatting” on Telegram starts again, at the moment when lawyer Aleksandar Tumanovski contacted Kiro Tosevski with a request to have a meeting. They met at the businessman’s office, where the lawyer offered him a purchase price for land Tosevski owns near the Hilton Hotel in Skopje.

According to the businessman, the land is worth 4 million euros. And that’s honorable. Everyone values what they own as they think. But it was too high a price for the lawyer, who reminded the businessman that he was being sent on behalf of a major man. When Tosevski asked the lawyer to name the “major” man, he allegedly said – “you know, the man is the prime minister’s brother.” However, the landowner did not relent and did not alienate the property for less than 4 million euros.

And that’s when the “schemes” began.