Where were over 6 million dollars from the procurement of 200,000 Chinese vaccines through a Hong Kong shell company supposed to end, VMRO-DPMNE asks.

We have presented documents showing that the Ministry of Health made an advance payment of 7,800,000 dollars to the shell company. If we take into account the first document published in the media, it is 60% of the amount of over 12.5 million dollars, which brings us to the amount of 62.5 dollars per vaccine. That is over thirty dollars more per dose of vaccine compared to the prices paid by the countries in the region, as reported by the media. Filipce still owes answers. How did the shell company with only $ 1,000 in founding capital convince him that it could get the vaccines and he made an advance payment of 7,800,000 dollars? What were the guarantees it gave them and did anyone think what could have happened, the party said in a press release on Saturday.