Coded messages, inaccurate speculation information, and insufficient courage to publish the actual data. Is this done with the intention of defocusing the public from the real perpetrators, or is it another (lucrative maybe?) intent, it is up to the public to decide, writes the Infomax news portal.

According to the portal, many questioned whether it was true that someone from the UBK (referring to Jovce Remenski) stole compromising materials from the service, which was later used to blackmail a Skopje businessman, which many think it was Fijat Canovski.

Infomax asks a few questions, which it says it knows the answers to, but they might be be also disclosed to the public by either Vilma Ruskovska or the actors involved in the situation.

Is it true that the USB with compromising materials from the sexual fantasies of a Skopje businessman came out of Janeva’s safe at the SPO?

Is it true that “pieces” from the interior of Macedonia were brought to the businessman and he paid large amount of money for those services?

Is it true that some of that money was paid through a firm of his brother-in-law to the account of the International Association as an investment in a retirement home project?

Is it true that Remenski attended meetings with the businessman and served as the ensuring the deals  ie the racket?

Is it true that the “iPhone” seized from Bojan Jovanovski with “golden-yellow” color IMEI no. 357 ……. and SIM card no.893 ……… .. contained messages from Zoran Zaev?

Is it true that the materials that are the subject of public debate are found on USB “Urban Cruiser”, “Super Talent”?

Is it true that Milevski’s crypto phone “Bittium” was found, and what it contains?

Is it true that the meetings took place in an elite restaurant at the Skopje exit towards Veles?

Is it true that in the messages he exchanged with Jovanovski Zoran Zaev was informed about what the businessman was doing, and is it true that he approved the activities of Boki and his companions?

Source: Infomax