The Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE, Vlado Misajlovski, spoke in an interview with the “Sto ne e jasno” show about the bad government policies regarding the economic and health crisis, as well as about the vaccines that should arrive and the citizens are expecting.

Venko Filipce and Zoran Zaev every day devised a PR strategy to calm the people, but the citizens themselves saw that unfortunately Macedonia did not have a strategy in the fight against the pandemic and as a result too many lives are lost, says Misajlovski.

While the neighboring countries have started conducting vaccination and acquiring immunity, the citizens of Macedonia are waiting for donations from Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, so that at least the most at-risk people can be vaccinated, he adds. According to Misajlovski, it is extremely unserious and defeating situation for a country when it comes to the health of citizens.