The director of the Macedonian National Theater and the Minister of Culture, should and must immediately be held accountable for the scandal that happened on Friday night.

Simona Ugrinovska and Husni Ismaili should bear responsibility for the rampage in the prestigious Macedonian National theater, as much as those who were allowed to do that, and then boast about it on social media.

On Friday, with the permission of the Ministry of Culture, as well as the MNT itself, the Shverceri football group celebrated its 30th anniversary in the recently built theater. There was also a screening of a documentary film about the Cair group over the years and the event was attended by major football players names who were part of the team, as well as the Mayor of Cair, Visar Ganiu, who was a coach of the Shkupi team.

But what was supposed to be a “gala celebration” with awards quickly turned into a football stadium, with the football fans going wild.

On social media, they even thanked everyone who attended the celebration, especially to the guests from Kosovo and Albania.