The fatal love between Zoran Zaev and Katica Janeva ends fatally. After today’s events, it is more than certain that the capable Katica will end up behind bars in the miserable conditions of the Sutka Prison.

And just a few months ago the optimist, the leader of the ruling SDSM and Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev, said he was not giving up on the SPO.

I do not give up on Katica Janeva because she is very capable, Zaev said in a TV debate with VMRO-DPMNE’s President Hristijan Mickoski.

Although we are used to Zaev saying, but then denying, on the contrary, a few days later he even confirmed that he was serious when talking about the capacity of the first lady of the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

Not that I have no understanding about the opposition, but I am not even considering to change Katica Janeva, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in an interview with MIA. He categorically rejected the possibility of meeting the opposition’s request to change the team of prosecutors led by Katica Janeva.

But what happened now? Where did Katica’s capacity fade and how did the fatal love between the prime minister and the special prosecutor get to a fatal end? Why did Zaev decide to replace her comfortable sofa from Kamcev with hardwood benches in Sutka and whether the answer lies in the warning the opposition VMRO-DPMNE that if the beast feels threatened, it will attack?