Why didn’t Prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska interrogate the people who transported voters on Vice Zaev’s order, VMRO DPMNE MP Antonio Miloski publicly asks.

La Verita reveals that ZZ, Vice Fratello and Zoran Loreta Georgiev fired entire families, disconnected them from electricity and water if they didn’t vote for them. What an inhumane and brutal violations of the voting right, the right to work and violation of human dignity and integrity! At the same time, both then and now, Vilma Ruskovska is formally a prosecutor for all citizens of Macedonia, but in fact she is the best lawyer of ZZ and Vice Fratello! MP Antonio Milososki wrote on Facebook.

Why didn’t Vilma Ruskovska interrogate Istref Aliev, who on the orders of Vice Zaev collected, paid off and transported voters to polling stations?

Why didn’t Vilma interrogate Erol Fetiov, or in the criminal association they formed with Zoran and Vice known as the “Collector and keeper of IDs”?