SDSM lawmaker Frosina Remenski, who is a suspect in the “Racket” case, complains that police searched her home on Friday at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and seized confidential documents during the search.

It is symptomatic that the current Deputy Parliament Speaker does not deny that the police found  confidential documents and, more importantly, why such documents were in her home.

The question arises whether Remenski’s reaction was also criticism to her party comrade Spasovski because the police raided her home, of course at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office?

Remenski claims the documents were not related to any case or crime but did not say what their content was.

Remenski also reacted to her husband’s name being mentioned, Jovce, which she considers to be malicious and tendentious.

The new investigation into the “Racket” case is related to Bojan Jovanovski’s International Association, whose honorary president was Frosina Remenski.