The meeting in Tirana is to save the political careers of Kovacevski and Ahmeti, supported by Apasiev who plays a false patriot. Kovacevski has nothing against the meeting in Tirana, even though Macedonian issues are discussed outside the country. It is so because he sees it as a preserver of his political career.

Is the meeting in Tirana at the request of Kovacevski?, asks VMRO-DPMNE.

What will be the result of the meeting in Tirana, will Ahmeti teach them in Tirana about the green agenda, or will he bring a second Tirana platform to Kovacevski, who in order to save himself will have to accept it?

The only agreement that should be between all political parties in Macedonia, not in Tirana, is unity against the crime of SDS and DUI and an agreement on elections for the people to decide.