Who are “Kiki” and “Friki” from the racketeering stories published in the media and are they not detained only because they are senior officials in SDSM and know a lot of information about the crimes of Zaev and his associates?, VMRO-DPMNE asked.

In the Monday’s police action, in which Koki (Bojan Jovanovski) and Zoki (Zoran Mileski) were arrested, neither Kiki nor Friki were included. They were not mentioned at all, except in the new story by journalist Branko Geroski, who in fact revealed to the public the racketeering group, while presenting the characters with pseudonyms.

The two racketeers are also assisted by prominent political figures (those who read my stories, know who they are), but also personalities from public life. Some people know what’s really going on, some maybe naively. Let’s not forget them too. My information is that prosecutor Ruskovska will easily prove that in this case, apart from racketeering and extortion, we have a criminal association. It is a very dangerous criminal association, respected readers, against which the fight must continue at an accelerated pace, Geroski wrote.