A graffiti on the monument to Tsar Samuil in the center of Skopje that he is “King of Macedonia” caused a storm of discontent in neighboring Sofia. Of course, in the context of the negotiations of the joint history commission, in which the Bulgarian side expects Tsar Samuel to enter the Macedonian textbooks for 7th grade as Bulgarian tsar, heir to the Bulgarian empire, and for which our historians and politicians, allegedly, expressed readiness to accept!?

But now, after the visit of the Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski to Montenegro and the joint placement with his host, the Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic, of the memorial plaque of Prince Vladimir and Princess Kosara on the square of the same name in Bar, the question arises whether this act will cause new hysterical political storm in Sofia?! asks “Pressing TV” in an analysis.

Because, President Pendarovski had no dilemmas and in his speech he named Princess Kosara, daughter of Tsar Samuel, as a Macedonian princess. This, in turn, has a double meaning. On the one hand, it is a blow to the Macedonian part of the joint Macedonian-Bulgarian commission, and on the other, a sure confirmation that he did not consult with the newly appointed “deserving academic” and director of the Institute of National History, Dragi Gjorgiev. If he did, he would probably have been suggested something completely different. Maybe Kosara will be a Bulgarian or a compromise “North Macedonian” princess! Well, from the “Bulgarian tsar, heir to the Bulgarian empire”, there can be no Macedonian princess! And in the spirit of the multiperspective view of the history, “North Macedonian” would be “in line” with the new reality.

This is just a look at it, which can be a consequence if a rotten compromise is made for the alienation of parts of Macedonian history and personalities, regardless of which historical periods they belong to. More importantly, the events in Montenegro most illustratively show the absurdity of the work of such commissions to which nothing else is done, except that the affiliation of the Macedonian history and important personalities from it and the Macedonian culture, tradition and mythology is being politically auctioned.

The visit of President Pendarovski to Montenegro and the erection of a memorial plaque to the Montenegrin Prince Vladimir and the Macedonian Princess Kosara on the square of the same name in Bar showed that historical events and personalities are a real bridge for modern rapprochement between two countries and two close peoples and similarities in its existence. And love is a legendary motive and tradition for the historical and cultural memory of both peoples. And in order to achieve this, maybe President Pendarovski should have asked for permission from someone in Bulgaria ?!