It is more and more likely that the local elections will bring a new parliamentary majority. Although Zaev is trying to create the impression that the slim majority that the government has is stable, it is clear that the coalition can burst on all sides and the occasion will be Tetovo. For the parties of the Albanians, the most important thing is who has Tetovo and that is perfectly clear to Zaev.

How are things in Tetovo at the moment? The key to the mayoral seat is currently with the voters of VMRO-DPMNE and the Alliance and Alternative who are not to be neglected. Together they weigh around 10,000 votes, which could be the key to who will be mayor. At first, the Alliance said it would support Kasami, but after the Alliance opposed it, they will probably not support any candidate.
Zaev says that he will let the voters decide for themselves who they will vote for, but if he maintains that position, the defeated party will not forgive him, and as things stand at the moment, it will be Besa. Besa’s four lawmakers could be crucial if there is a vote of no confidence in the government, which would result on forming a new parliamentary majority. In other words, this means the fall of Zaev’s government without elections and that new government would have the task to prepare for the early elections that would take place in the early spring.

The meetings of the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski with the leaders of the Alliance and Alternative Ziadin Sela and Afrim Gashi and the announcement of support wherever they have candidates in the second round show that the new parliamentary majority is already in the works. The Alliance for Albanians emphasizes that the coalition with Alternative is stable and together they work to create a new parliamentary majority. The central presidency unanimously named the president and the lower presidency as responsible for continuing negotiations with other parties and lawmakers from smaller parties who have shown a willingness to be part of the new parliamentary majority, which will then elect a new government. Details of these meetings will be announced in the coming days, AA said.