People ask me why you are so focused on overthrowing the government when you can immediately move out and have a better life. Although this question is short, the essence of why I am here is multiple and it is answered with reason and heart! Tonight we stand before the government which is the sole cause of all our misfortunes and collective disappointments. However, tonight the motive why we are here is because of who we are and what we are as people, what we are made of as a people and as a country with its roots, tradition, history, culture, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE at tonight’s protest of the opposition held under the motto “Protest for change, because it’s too much”.

Only 50 meters from here is the Monument of the Liberators of Skopje. Every figure sculpted in bronze is there because those people got the credit with their blood, uncompromising faith in the idea and love of freedom. They were the sons of the Ilinden people who gave birth to the idea of a free and independent Macedonia. And their death was the example after which new sons and daughters were born in the struggle that kept the flame for Macedonia. And that is why our obligation to that generation is greater than any other vanity, any other obstacle that stands in our way, and in that lies our urge and our strength, our huge Macedonian strength. And only half a kilometer from here on the square whose name is Macedonia, 31 years ago on September 8 there was also a huge number of people gathered to celebrate independence. After all, in my 44 years of life I remember two gatherings where so many people gathered. It is September 8, and this today, this magnificent gathering!, Mickoski said.

He added that if that September 8 was a gathering of hope, this people’s gathering today is due to revolt and disappointment from the little we got and did not get in these 31 years, as well as because of the devastating last 5 years of our lives.

This means that this country has come to the brink and many are overwhelmed by too long expectations and dashed hopes. Many say enough is enough, the state has been destroyed. And it really is Too much. However, there is something in common for these two large gatherings. And that is then on September 8, 1991, and today, June 18, 31 years later, the people are on their feet and on the street because they want to fight…. The people want a fight, the people want to fight for their Macedonia!, said Mickoski.

Then and now the fight for Macedonia is common. And I am here because we will fight because the other choice is for Macedonia to be gone. To not exist… Every day spent with SDSM and DUI in power we are closer to the last day for our homeland. Either we will fight and win or Macedonia will be gone, stressed Mickoski.