The Ministry of Interior dismantled an organized criminal group involved in drug and arms trafficking, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior Toni Angelovski said on Wednesday.

The months-long investigation provided sufficient evidence to confirm the involvement of members of the criminal group in the illicit arms and drug trafficking, and documented drug and arms sales, he said, adding that nine people have been arrested (eight from the village of Aracinovo and one from Sveti Nikole), and one member of the group already serving detention.

During the police searches, automatic rifles, bullets of different caliber, seven vehicles, mobile phones, as well as other items related to the investigation were seized.

During the months-long investigation and the undertaking of measures and activities, more than 20 cases of drug and arms trafficking were documented, and a sufficient amount of evidence was provided confirming their involvement in the crimes which these persons are charged with, Angelovski said, adding that the Ministry of Interior will continue to undertake intensive actions to dismantle such and similar criminal groups.