The Interior Ministry warned participants at the 1903 Ilinden Uprising celebrations planned for tomorrow in Krusevo and across Macedonia, that they will be held accountable for any violation of the “public order”.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev insisted that he speaks at the central event in Krusevo, despite public outcry over the Prespa treaty he is imposing on the country, the daily undermining of Macedonian national red lines and the arrests of opposition officials. In the past, unpopular politicians would face angry chants and booing while arriving at the Meckin Kamen site of the famous last stand of the Krusevo rebels.

The Interior Ministry calls on the citizens, especially those who attend the organized events, to respect public order. The police will act strictly, in accordance with its legal obligations, against any attempt to undermine the order and the safety of the citizens, the Interior Ministry threatened the public.

During the mass celebrations of the Vardar EHP Champions League title, the 100.000 strong crowd chanted “Never North, Always Macedonia”, and Zaev’s supporters are expected to gather in Krusevo and try to drown out similar chants.