Amdi Bajram, one of the leading Roma politicians in Macedonia who died yesterday of heart failure while coronavirus positive, will be buried today at the main Butel cemetery.

Despite coronavirus concerns, his friends, relatives and political supporters are calling on all Roma from the Suto Orizari municipality north of Skopje to attend the funeral. Healthcare authorities are already working to map out participants at the large wedding Bajram organized for his grand-daughter at a boat he chartered in Istanbul last week, and they fear the funeral will be another high risk event.

The Healthcare Ministry called on the family to refrain from having a large funeral for Bajram, but the appeal is falling on deaf ears.

Amdi Bajram helped all of us! Amdi Bajram was friend with all of us! A man of people!!! I call on all who respected him and his work, all who were helped by him, friends, politicians, businessmen, all Roma and non-Roma, to come so we say goodbye to him. The funeral procession begins from his family home at 14h, said Adnan Memed, one of Bajram’s associates.