The next 14 days are enough time for leaders of political parties to reach a consensus on the election date, said outgoing Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi Saturday, following a session of the Security Council.

He underlined that finding common ground between political leaders regarding the election is in the best interest of citizens because it will allow functional institutions to be formed and reiterated that once Parliament is dissolved it can reassemble only after an election.

I call on leaders to use this time to talk. It’s their responsibility and in the best interest of citizens to hold election and form functional institutions. In line with legislation, Parliament can reassemble only after an election. The process will certainly not take place as it has in the past due to the current situation, but society must learn to function with the coronavirus which is here to stay, Xhaferi said.

All participants at Saturday’s Security Council session agreed that the state of emergency in Macedonia should be extended.